The ITK-20121 exhibition and conference

The ITK-20121 exhibition and conference were held at the hotel Cumulus Resort Aulanko in Hämeenlinna on 1-3 December 2021. The ITK Conference is a unique event for digital education and learning in the education sector.

Lecturers Oona Haapakorpi and Jouko Matedoja from Omnia and Heli Kalluinen from RASEKO presented the results of the Digi2go project.

Photo 1. Jouko Matedoja (Omnia), Heli Kalluinen (RASEKO) and Oona Haapakorpi (Omnia)

The  purpose of this project was to create, develop and build a  new industrial3D-food printer with start-up company Mehta Heino Industries Oy.  Our aim was to experiment and develop a 3D food printer using MHI3D printer software. Idea was that we built the printer collaboration with students and working life. And we seem to have succeeded this well.

Photo 2. Oona Haapakorpi presents a 3D food printer

In the presentation of the ITK event, we said the following:

The process of 3D printing consists of a few essential tools. First you need to have a 3D model and a 3D printer, but there is an instrumental piece in between. The 3D printing slicing software essentially acts as an intermediary between the 3D model and the printer.

Photo 3. How to get started

The 3D printing cutter prepares the selected model for your 3D printer and generates G code, which is a widely used numerical control (NC) programming language. In this presentation we introduced Simplify 3D activities, because it works in a Manu 3D food printer.

Photo 4. How do we continue to print 3D food via MANU 3D-printer

Photos:  Anu Konkarikoski

Text: Oona Haapakorpi