International CORE-project gives new opportunities for the cooks vocational qualifications

The kick-off meeting of the CORE- Cooking for the future projectThe kick-off meeting of the CORE – Cooking for the future project took place in Espoo, Finland on the 4th and 5th of March 2019. CORE project focuses on making improvements on the existing qualifications by identifying them in partner countries, improving them and matching a new joint curriculum.

There were 17 representatives from all the five partner organizations involved and also one representative from one associated partner organization, the Finnish National Agency for Education was present at the meeting on Monday.

The meeting itself took place in the Kirkkokatu and Lakelankatu units of Omnia. This was an important step in the project implementation, and enabled partners to meet in person for the first time.

Kick off meeting in Omnia

The event itself was initiated by Mrs Maija Aaltola, Principal of Omnia, who presented Finnish education system and also introduced Vocational Education in Omnia. After that we had a moment to get to know our new partners (Omnia, VAMIA, Ikaslan, ITT and TKHK). At this meeting Omnia presented Project management plan (WP1), and then the partners discussed the plan.

Overall topics covered were:

Topics covered on Monday 4th March

  • CORE in a nutshell
  • Administrational and management issues
  • Quality issues
  • Evaluation issues
  • Dissemination issues
  • Future meetings

Topics covered on Tuesday 5th March

  • Web page and project Google Drive
  • Guild school model
  • Cooking competition
  • Pop-up restaurant
  • Background research issues
  • Guidelines and recommendations

The main objective of the meeting was presented by the coordinator of the project.

Common dinner on Monday evening

The meeting included a common dinner at restaurant Ateljé Finne in Helsinki on Monday evening. Ateljé Finne is in Helsinki in Arkadiankatu. The restaurant is located next to the Rock Church
that often leads tourists to dine there.

The name of the restaurant dates back to the sculptor Gunnar Finné (1886 – 1952), who once held the same room at Atelier. Since the 1960s, the restaurant Ateljé Finne has been at this address.

The purpose of the project

The kick-off meeting of the CORE- Cooking for the future project.

The world around us is changing rapidly, and education, too, must evolve to meet the needs of the future. The purpose of the Cooking for the future project is to develop cooperation between VET schools and working life in European countries in the restaurant and catering sector. The idea is to find out what can be done to promote employment and professional skills and competences in different European countries.

Project focuses on making improvements on the existing qualifications by identifying them in partner countries, improving them and matching a new joint curriculum. The project priorities are to make skills and competences more visible and comparable between different European countries.

The primary target groups are students and teachers in VET as well as company representatives in the catering sector. The companies are involved on local, regional, national, and transnational levels. The project is focused on developing a pilot version of a new virtual 360° web page featuring cook’s competences, where all study programmes / specializations are opened. The learning outcomes will be made as transparent as possible by using OER (Open Educational Resources, e.g. open badges) approach for competences needed in the profession. CORE- Cooking for the future project team having a dinner.

To any future employer, CORE project’s open badges will show a determined approach to the goals and commitment to achieve them. These are important appearances that employers also value in future.

As a result of the project there will be new international training modules for catering field. The quality of the vocational qualifications’ contents will be improved, and the international aspect of the modules makes them more attractive for all our students.

The project is developing cooperation between vocational culinary schools and colleges and working life in the field of restaurant and catering mainly in Finland, Spain, Ireland and Estonia. The project is cofunded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme under the action KA3 Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training.

The project partners are Omnia and Vamia from Finland, Ikaslan from Spain, ITT (Institute of Technology Tralee) from Ireland and TKHK (Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus) from Estonia.


Oona Haapakorpi, Omnia





CORE partners participated in the Kick-off meeting of KA3-Support for Policy Reform Joint Qualifications

Omnia vocational college  successfully participated in of 5th February 2019 in the Kick-off meeting of KA3-Support for Policy Reform Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training, as having been granted as Project Coordinator the CORE Cooking for the future Project under Joint Qualifications call. Omnia vocational education was represented by Mr. Mika Heino Expert in international activities and the Project Managers. He makes sure that the project meets its objectives and Mrs. Oona Haapakorpi lecturer in Food Production who is in charge of the professional content. Mrs. Quin Qu also participate the meeting. She is the CORE project assistant.

During the “World café workshop” participate were given the opportunity to discuss on 4 topics. Thus, topics were:

  1. Recognition of qualification: How will you ensure that the joint qualification is recognised in the countries of the partnership?
  2. Sustainable cooperation: How will you ensure that the new cooperation structures established during the project are sustainable over time?
  3. Skills needs: How will you ensure that the skills needs will be in line with labour market needs in the countries/regions participating in the partnership?
  4. VET employability: How will the project contribute to increasing VET learner’s employability, and thus to making VET more attractive?

The meeting itself was successful.

Here you also can find the link to the recording of the meeting:

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