Industrial 3D-chocolate printer project

The Digi2Go's 10th meeting.

The tenth official meeting of the Digi2go project was held at Mehta Heino's premises on Wednesday 19th of August. There were 3 representatives from the Omnia, the food production teacher Oona Haapakorpi and baker-confectioner teacher Jouko Matedoja and project manager Kai Martiskainen. As well as Mehta Heino Oy founders & CEOs Santos Mehta and Petri Heino and also mechanical engineer Manabi Poudel. 

We had the opportunity to meet as well one  intern student from Omnia, Kirsi Kannisto. 

Photo 2. In the picture from right Kirsi Kannisto Omnias TOP-intern, Petri Heino CTO & Co-Founder,  Manabi Poudel engineer at Mehta Heino,, Jouko Madetoja Omnia, Kai Martiskainen Omnia,  Santosh Mehta CTO & Co-Founder, Oona Haapakorpi Omnia.

The goal of the Digi2Go project

The primary purpose of this  project is to create, develop and build a  new industrial 3D-chocolate printer with start-up company Mehta Heino Industries Oy.  Our aim was to experiment and develop a 3D chocolate printer using MHI3D printer software. Idea was that we built the printer collaboration with students and working life. And we seem to have succeeded this well.

During the project we have tested different manufacturers to obtain the most general instructions for our new 3D-food printer. For example, the deferent possibilityes of 3D modeling/design tool. ( and

Photo 2. Prototype

Using 3D technology in catering services, 20 competence points

Our  intention is to create a new pilot try-out of the degree called  "Using 3D technology in catering services". Where the aim is to learn three-dimensional modeling. At the same time, create permanent and comprehensive operational structures for how three-dimensional modeling enables the food printing (3D printing).

at the same time idea is to:

  • learn to understand the use of plastic 3D printing technology
  • learn about 3D chocolate and / or sugar printing techniques
  • learn how to use a 3D printer

We also try develop practices that support sustainable development, e.g. figuring out how materials can be reused in the production process

as a result we make:
1.Pedagogical manuscript “Utilization of 3D technology in catering services for the degree part”
2. A new 3D chocolate printer for educational use

Introduction of Mehta Heino Industries Oy

Mehta Heino Industries Oy was founded in 2015 at Otaniemi (Espoo, Finland) with the aim to bring the 3D Printer to everyone that is easy to use and works flawlessly. They (founders) believe that 3D printers can be used everywhere by everyone (no expert needed) and can be as easy as a 2D paper printer. (by Petri Heino 9.6.2020))



They have already developed a plastic extrusion (FDM/FFF) 3D Printer that is easy to use and they’re accepting pre-orders at the moment. In a collaborative Digi2Go project they are working with Omnia to develop professional chocolate 3D-printing. Mehta Heino Industries is developing a new chocolate 3D printer and learning all the food industries requirements (thanks to Oona!). Currently they have 3 TOP (Intern) students from Omnia. (by Petri Heino 9.6.2020)

Unique MHI3D food printer

Materials and ingredients

  • At the moment the type of food available to print is limited by the printing technique.
  • Extrusion-based printing ingredients are like puree, jelly, cheese, butter…
  • Certain ingredients that are solid can be used by melting and then extruding the ingredient, e.g. chocolate.

Photo 3. This  chocolate mold weighs 60 g and is 6,5 centimeters high

The new Industrial 3D-food printer its going to weight – approx. 32kg.

Key figures:

  • It has many different nozzle options. 
  • Operates up to 50 ° C. 
  • Nozzle diameter 0.4mm – 2mm 
  • Layer thickness 0.2mm – 1mm 
  • Print size 200x100x100mm 
  • Works with Simplify3D and Cura software 
  • Send files wirelessly (WI-FI) 
  • CE marked 
  • Has a 2 year warranty