Grow oyster mushrooms on your coffee

 Photo 1. team members visiting Helsieni’s premises

The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth (KETO) project develops cooperation between businesses, educational institutes and research organisations, and creates concrete development environments to promote the green transition and digitalisation.  The project is implemented in cooperation with VTT, Aalto University, Omnia and partner companies. The project is a two-year project.

Photo 2. Coffee grounds collected from Omnia's student restaurant

The KETO PROJECT is progressing. On Friday, we received cultivation mass for mushroom-growing to Omnias Horticulture, while coffee grounds were handed over from Omnia's student restaurant for recycling @helsieni

Photo 3. Stéphane Poirié as a Fungi’neer

The project is funded by European Union’s REACT-EU ERDF and is part of the European Union’s response to the covid-19 pandemic.