Healthy Future project, Open Badges as part of the competence-based learning



The ITK-2018 exhibition and conference were held at the hotel Cumulus Resort Aulanko in Hämeenlinna on 11-13 April 2018. The ITK Conference is a unique event for digital education and learning in the education sector.


The ITK-2018 exhibition and conference in Hämeenlinna


Lecturers Oona Haapakorpi from Omnia and Henna Ström-Kallio and Hanna Arminen from Ekami presented the results of the Healthy Future project. Oona Haapakorpi is responsible for the professional content of the project.

From the left, Henna Ström-Kallio and Hanna Arminen from Ekami

Healthy Future projects is a development project for the food service industry, developing 43 Open Badges for Sustainable Development and two professional e-books with the criteria for the HoReCa industry and learning material published in four languages (English, Finnish, Croatian and Italian).

This development project is the first of its kind in vocational education in Finland. The project has deepened co-operation between Omnia and Ekami educational institutes and has inspired a united, open-minded operating model between them: e.g. Guild Schools, especially Cooks Guild Schools (in Finnish Kokkikilta), whose main theme is digital development. In the Guild School model, the active students acquire different professional skills and prepare for working-life using a variety of social media tools.